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CHCYCLE Gear Shifter Accessories for Shoes Motorcycle Boots Protector

CHCYCLE Gear Shifter Accessories for Shoes Motorcycle Boots Protector
  • Anti-slip silion,Using TPU soft rubber, wear-resistant, non slip velcro can be adjusted according to the actual needs
  • Fastened to shoelace,Fastened to toe cap.Its easy to put on and straps to your laces so it doesn't slip off
  • Light, easy to carry. Help to change gear without damaging shoes
  • nice and easy to use boot protector, Abrasion resistant,Soft rubber allows for tight fit to most size boots and shoes

Chcycle is a motorcycle accessories store started in 2011. Our main business of protective racing equipment,such as motorcycle gloves,helmets,vest armor, jacket, shift pad,face mask,eye wear,elbow & wrist protection,rainwear. We would like to offer a safety environment for you and we believe safety is a choice you would like to choose.There are some peripheral products in store for you to order to find a wonderful life. We eager to communicate with our customer to improve our products and services constangtly, we are always here to wait for you.

motorcycle shoes pad

motorcycle shift pad

motorcycle shifter accessories




shoes protective gear

It is made by high quality & durable material.

Protecting your shoes from scuff and grease.

Eliminate motorcycle gear shifter scuff marks.

Excelent quality´╝ÜOur products are check strictly before shipping, the quality of our products are great.

boots protective gear

Easy to fit with elastic to any shoe size, extra durable, great looking.

Package: 1 x motorcycle shift pad (not including motorcycle boots).