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We are specialized in developing, producing and marketing of motorcycle passernger's helmets Our technological expertise is unparalleled. 3 engineers and 10 technicians who have more than 10 years experience on helmets.And we also  introduced the international advanced production line.


We offer an extensive range of motorcycle helmets, such as full face helmets,flip-up helmetshalf face helmets, cross helmets; motorcycle gloves, goggles, tail boxes, etc.


We have our own professional export office " Chitone Int'l Trade Co., Ltd." Enjoying more than 8 years on export operation and services. At present, our top-ranking brand "CH" helmets have abtained  ECE, DOT approval that are the highest safety testing standard in Europe and America. Much products export directly to Europe, America, South- east Asia, Middle East.


In the last few years, in order to provide the adepuate and systematic service of products perfectly, we continuously research and produce the supported products: top-case, goggles, gloves,  moto-jacket and so on. New century, New challenge, CH helmets will adopt the strategy of competitive spirit and technological updating renovation, as times progress, be geared to international helmet market, To provide opportunites for our staff and create values for the customers.