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Motorcycles full finger men Motocycle Gloves

Motorcycles full finger men Motocycle Gloves


Item Type:Gloves
Material:Polyester & Nylon
Feature:Full Finger
Feature:wearable,fingers separated
Color:red, blue, black
Motorcycles feature:alloy steel protection
Material:breathable 3D fabric
Motocycle Accessories & Parts:Protective Gears gloves
Weight:around 200G
Season:Spring, summer, Autumn


  1. Professional alloy steel protection parts injection molding, 100% full are protection, according to the human body engineering, comfortable and fashionable.
  2. With maximum protection for the joints fo the riders at the part of full range of finger joint anti collision protection.
  3. The back of hand using a large area of Utype of protection, the shape of the arch in accordance with the back of the human body ard design.
  4. Palm using 3D classic non slip lines to strengthen the anti slip function.
  5. Palm using not slip plastic material, the maximum range degree
  6. of not slip effect, very comfortable.